The way you dress can tell a lot about your personality. Fashion trends are easy to follow, but do they really represent you? I find it that people don’t consider whether the way they dress is a matter of their identity.

As a child, my mom was in charge of my wardrobe, thus I never really got the chance to dress the way I wanted to up until I became a teenager. Even when I became a teenager, I found it difficult to be comfortable with the clothes I wore. Sometimes, they didn’t feel like me. It was hard to adjust to being me.

This sounds kind of pathetic. I know. How can you not know what your style is, and whether you like something or not? For a long time, I battled with this, sort of anxiety.

Over the past few years, my style has changed. There was that winter that I was obsessed with leather jackets. Another winter, I was obsessed with blazers. Of course, your style changes with time, and your own current preferences. I feel that it is recently that I came to this realization as to what style I am. Maybe this will change in the future too.

I walked into a shop recently, called Zumiez, at the nearby mall. The clothing was all skateboarder type. Now, as a kid, I was obsessed with skateboarding but my mom never let me try it out, as much as I wanted to. As a kid, I loved the style in which skateboarders dressed, and watched a lot of movies regarding the sport. I went to this particular shop because I was looking for a pair of checkered white and black Vans. As a kid, I always thought people who had these particular shoes were really cool. Yes, my childhood is very important to me. The thought of buying them came to me whilst I was in New York, and I saw a lady wearing the shoes. I told myself that I had to buy a pair of these shoes.

Anyways, I loved the shop. The clothes spoke to me. I bought myself the Vans, as well as a purple and black tie dye hoodie, but I wish I bought more. Huney, you got to afford clothes to buy them. And this leads me to thrift-shopping. I went thrift-shopping for the first time, and I loved it! My best friends have been thrift-shopping before and found some really nice pieces of clothing. I was quite excited when a friend I made at Oakland suggested that we go thrift-shopping together. Thrift-shopping is like a scavenger hunt to find hidden treasure. I bought a pair of ripped jeans that I now have fallen in love with, and a Clueless tie dye sweatshirt. Yes, I love tie dye shirts. They were a big part of my childhood.

Walking into Zumiez was like a moment of enlightenment. I realized that this is my style; all I had to do was bring it out. So far, any outfits I have worn in the past were me, but I guess we all have that style embedded in us that we never really got to bring out. I’ve been loving the outfits I’ve been wearing to class. I missed my green Docs this summer so I can now wear them every day. And I love my Vans.

Therefore, what is my style? It is my own. It is unique. Everybody’s is. This is because you wear what you want to wear, and not simply because it is mainstream. Mainstream is simply lack of identity and originality, in my opinion.

It is hard for me to comprehend this sudden realization because I never knew I felt this way; that I love dressing a certain way and bringing out a certain vibe about myself, which is in me. It all depends on your perspective. It depends on whether you want to express yourself with your clothing, and dress in a way that is art to you. Art can take many forms, yet it is all expression; your expression. And that is enough. Even when it comes to your own style.

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