The Other Island

The one thing that I cannot find any fault in within the Maltese Islands is, most definitely, Comino. Comino is Malta’s third largest island with a population of three habitants. Sounds funny but it’s the truth.

There are many words one can use to describe Comino. Untouched. Raw. Pure bliss. Nothingness. As you’re walking around the island, there’s nothing surrounding you. I honestly feel like I’m wandering around in the desert. There’s no people. No cars. No buildings. Just wild. There’s something profound in the mundanity of Comino.

My friends and I spent a day and a half camping on Comino. The fact that I was on another island away from Gozo bewildered me. I think we take Comino for granted a lot since it’s so near us and we forget that it is a separate entity to Gozo. We consider Comino just a blue beach and party island yet I think Comino has its own character. It’s traditional in its own way.

As my friends and I watched the sunset from the top of the Comino Tower stairs, I felt like I was on top of the world. Rays of sunshine were diverging from in between the clouds. The brilliant shades of color reflecting onto the clouds made me awestruck. I felt like I was in a trance. I believe that to truly enjoy a moment, your mind must reach a level of transcendence. Almost makes you feel high. I needed that moment of silence.

Finally, I’m a city person and I love skyscrapers and taxi cabs. And yet, there’s something about Comino that strikes me. I visit Comino often since my dad has a boat and I am always eager to visit. Maybe it’s the fact that Comino is an easy get-away. Or maybe it’s the break we all need. Nevertheless, Comino is a unique Mediterranean Romanticized island that we should all appreciate.

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