The December Situation

‘Tis the Season to be jolly… hello December. I’ve got mixed feelings about you.

Christmas is always a joyful time of the year to appreciate your loved ones and spend time more with your family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Christmas however this year won’t be the same. December is a reminder of something I lost yet at the same time, hope to get back. December is a reminder, for me, the Catholic religion that I feel traps me, along with other things in my life. With the current pandemic surrounding us, we cannot even enjoy the holidays the proper way we want to. I hate being limited and yet the pandemic is limiting us.

This brings me along to the current situation we all find ourselves in. For two months straight, Malta’s cases have been above 100 per day and we’re all wondering when the numbers will go down so that we could get our lives back. It is obvious that our government thinks that it can fool us by placing pathetic measures such as wearing a mask 24/7 in public as well as closing bars. I work at a cafe and trust me, people don’t care that there’s a pandemic going on. I am not criticizing the cafe I work at. I am criticizing people’s attitude towards the pandemic. Either we take it seriously and strictly or we just don’t do anything. Anything between those two extremes is pointless.

Let’s face it – we are tired of this pandemic and we want it over. What started in March is still with us now in December. And the holidays are going to be lame. We’ve been in our houses for the past 9 months and so what difference will Christmas or New Year’s make? There will be no parties or countdown to midnight. No festive events such as concerts or fundraisers. And the fact that I can’t go out for a drink is beyond ridiculous – it’s an infringement of my right to drink alcohol. The point is that there’s no spontaneity to the holidays this year.

What can we do?

I’ve come to realize about myself these past few years is that I ask a lot of questions however I’m not always so bright when it comes to answering them. I’m working on that. So what my solution is that we make the most of it. Of this December Situation.

We find a middle ground. We give something up and try to be positive about what we do have. And I think that’s what the true meaning of the holidays is. Not exactly family or love or friendship but recognizing that what our lives truly are. They’re not perfect and there will always be some issue affecting us however there’s still a lot of good that we can work with. That’s life. And most importantly, trying to give back too. Charity comes in many different forms – putting a smile on someone’s face or just going out for a coffee to check how someone’s been. I guess that’s what we can do with this December Situation.

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