The Different Approaches to Space

You’ve heard of the phrase “to infinity and beyond”. If you haven’t watched Toy Story, you’re missing out. The term “space” is a term which I frequently use in my thesis work. There can be so many different meanings to just one word, some of which I have already explored. Let’s keep exploring.

Space is the physical space we find ourselves. It can be a room. It can be a space we find ourselves comfortable in. Or a space we put our identities into.

Space is the mental space in our minds which we configure images and 3-D like scenerios. Mental space is a reflection of one’s shared knowledge and experience in relation to the discourse of the situations we find ourselves in.

Space can also be limited and at times we mind find ourselves needing more and more space. Maybe a space to be alone for a while. Sometimes we might feel that people are invading our space too much, almost in a suffocating way, and when we feel trapped we might just want to explode; a breath of fresh air. It is ironic because space is infinite and is constantly expanding.

And then there’s the physical intergalactic space. When I was a kid, I wished it were possible to go to space. The unknown is scary but it’s exciting. We were raised watching sci-fi movies and the notion of “to infinity and beyond” makes our eyes twinkle.

Time and space work together. The more space we have, the more time works differently.

We have futures. We have a timespan. We don’t know when the expiration date is. Doesn’t it excite you, and scare you, that we have time. And if we have time, we also have space. In the future, we will be living in a different space in a different time as different people. We are constantly evolving.

These collection of thoughts lead me to this point: perception. Perception is an illusionary state of affairs. It is a fictionalized reflection of a situation. What we conceptually understand in the world is only perception. Reality exists on its own. Reality is a space and we simply live in it but do not see it fully. This makes me think of how much miscommunication occurs in the world. How we do not understand each other since we all perceive things a different way. Again, this is where mental space comes in. Our knowledge and experience embedded in our conceptual processing of the mind makes us subjective.

Therefore, if we find ourselves lacking space or finding ourselves uncomfortable about the space we find ourselves in, we can change that. Again, space is infinite. We can, and should, strive to find our space. However, we also need to try to understand that everyone has their own space. Although perception is not a true reflection of situations, we can alter our perceptions.

Therefore, embrace space. We live in it, whatever form of perception it may be.

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